Friday, 22 June 2018

Top 5 Cool & Interesting io Games

Have you ever played (or heard about) or If you did, you know these are fun, easy-to-play games that can be extremely useful if you’re trapped in a bus/plane/train for a few hours with nothing better to do.

The games known under the general moniker io games are nothing else but online games registered to the .io domain. These are free to play and quite interesting, which is why the extension (which was first registered in 1997) is so popular nowadays. In reality, most people see this domain as being reserved for gamers.

So, if you’ve never ventured to play or even browse through an io game, I recommend catching up as soon as possible – you won’t be sorry! Also, to get you started, here are five of the most enticing online games registered to the io domain.                                                                                    

The game is extremely simple and highly addictive, which is why since it was launched in 2015, it became more and more popular among gamers everywhere.  The game only has one main rule: eat or be eaten.

The gameplay is as basic as it goes as you have to guide a blob through a series of colored cells, which your blob will eat. However, you can’t eat blobs that are bigger than you and you have to consume a certain number of cells in order to grow. Furthermore, there are other players that can eat you and viruses that can split your blob into smaller pieces.

While the description of may not be that interesting, the action is addictive to say the least, so you should try it!

Did you ever play Snake when you were a child? Or maybe as an adult on an early model Nokia phone? Well, is a modern version of the old Snake game, with a better interface, some new rules, and an interesting gameplay that once it gets you hooked, it will keep you going for hours.

The idea is the same: navigate the surroundings and eat as many tiny dots as possible in order to get big. However, in, you also have to face other players and dodge their attacks.

Overall, the game is simple and fun which is what makes it a fantastic way to kill some time.


The Slope game first impresses with the Tron-like graphics and music, but it keeps you hooked with the adventure of driving a ball on all sorts of slippery slopes. The game tests your reflexes and keeps users on their toes at all times, with all sorts of obstacles that make moving forward more challenging.

While it may be a bit frustrating at first, in time you’ll learn to think ahead and assess the situation before anything could damage your ball.

I’m sure you’re already thinking about the notorious Flappy Bird game, and this one is just like that, but with some improvements. For instance, you’re not alone in the game – you get to see others fail miserably at guiding the disobedient bird through pipes (the game is online and allows multiplayer mode). 

Another cool thing is that you can challenge some friends to a round of flying badly, and finally, the bird changes through levels, becoming more erratic towards the end. Overall, the experience is fun, but it can also be frustrating.

The last game on our list (but not the least interesting), is a depiction of the food chain evolution. Each player has to start small (a mouse for instance) and learn how to grow by searching for food and staying away from predators. If you’re clever and cunning enough, you might just end up as a huge, fire-breathing dragon!

Written by Katie Green

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