Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Sci-fi noir puzzle game, True Legacy, coming to iOS on 8th February 2018

True Legacy is a text-driven puzzle game and dystopian sci-fi noir thriller about politics, AI and genetics in the 21st century.

In development since autumn 2016, True Legacy was funded by Failbetter Games’s Fundbetter scheme and the Wellcome Trust. The True Legacy team have previously released Calvino Noir (noir stealth), Morphopolis (art puzzler), and Peregrin (sci-fi puzzle adventure).

Inspired by Blade Runner, classic noir fiction, Syd Mead’s art and Device 6’s puzzle gameplay, True Legacy takes the player on a gritty journey through the tech dystopia of Hong Kong 2084.

Players follow homicide investigator, Claire Thornhill, through a politically-sensitive murder case, navigating the world of True Legacy via interactive text, immersive 3D scenes and forensic puzzle gameplay. Both morality and puzzle-solving skills are tested along the way.

True Legacy will be released for iPhone and iPad on February 8th, and is available for pre-order now.

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