Friday, 19 January 2018

Indie game collective Sokpop invents new funding strategy

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 19 January - Game collective Sokpop revealed their plans to use rapid iteration as a tool to fund their games. The group of critically acclaimed young developers uses bi-weekly Patreon games to fund larger projects.

Check the Patreon introduction trailer:

Patrons who pay $3 a month receive a free Sokpop game every two weeks and gain access to the Sokpop Discord, where they can follow development and communicate with the creators. Patrons who pay $5 get additional early access to big Sokpop projects. People who fork out $10 or more gain exclusive access to the source files of the Patreon games.

Free games for fast patrons

People who sign up for the Sokpop Patreon during the first month will immediately receive two free games:

Jut, a game about collecting trash

Bombini, a game about nature.

Making fun games, fast

“Getting funding for indie games is hard,” says Tijmen Tio, one of the Sokpop founders. “We needed to find something that would work for us. Something that we are good at. That’s how we came up with the Patreon idea, because we are good at rapid iteration and making fun games, at a high pace.”

Big projects to be released this year

Sokpop will use the Patreon money to fund three releases of full scale Sokpop games as listed on the Patreon page. These games will become available later this year. These titles are: rogue-like farming game Original Hill FarmingBox Friends, an idle gardening game for mobile, and the follow-up to the cult-hit Bernband, titled Bernband.

The collective

Besides Tio, whose student project Bamboo Heart was nominated for an IGF Student Award last year, Sokpop collective consists of the following people:
Aran Koning: who worked on (among others) SIHEYU4N and Hidden Folks.
Tom van den Boogaart: whose Digital Bird Playground was part of the 2016 Mild Rumpus selection at GDC.
Ruben Naus (aka Rubna): who is most known for Lisa (winner of the 2015 award for best Dutch Student Game, IGF Student award honorable mention 2015).

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