Saturday, 27 January 2018

In development - Snowicks: Snow Battle

Snowicks: Snow battle is a fun action game with RPG elements, in which you need to prove to everyone that you are the best in the game of snowballs. To do this, you will need to collect a team of the best of the best players, gain experience, arm to the teeth and punch the way to glory through the mountain of battles.

The main action of the game takes place in a fabulous place Snow Valley. The inhabitants of the valley - Snowicks - great dreamers, humorists and inventors. Because in the valley there is snow all year round, the main fun of the snowmen is playing snowballs - they really like this activity and have already grown into real competitions.

The main tournament for the snow battle takes place in the Ice Castle, but not everyone can take part in it. To qualify for a victory in the tournament, the team of snows should participate in small tournaments, gain experience and collect stars. Each snowick wants to win the tournament Ice Castle, so they invent different snowy weapons that help them to victory over the other participants in the competition

Before the launch, the dev team (Snowpard Groupwant to gather around the game a community of people who could share their ideas and suggestions, become beta testers and then grow into regular players  If this is of interest to you, take a look at their various community channels:

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