Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Ciel Fledge - Raise a Virtual Daughter! - Kickstarter

Indonesian indie dev Studio Namaapa has come up with a novel concept for their game - you have a 10-year span to raise your daughter, and just like in real life, every decision matters!

With 2 young daughters of my own I am intrigued by how this concept will play out, and if you want to see for yourself there's already a demo available on Itch and GameJolt.

Here's the official blur

Ciel Fledge is a raising simulation game where the objective is to raise your adopted daughter in the span of 10 years. During those 10 years she will grow into an adult, under your care and guidance. How you decide to parent her is up to you. Every decision matters.

If you are familiar with raising sim game classics such as 'Princess Maker 2' and the more recent 'Long Live The Queen' you will feel right at home with this game.

For those who are new to the raising sim genre, you can compare the game to the popular 'The Sims' series, except in Ciel Fledge, you are managing and raising one person, your adopted daughter.

If you like the sound of this game then please check out the Kickstarter Campaign.

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