Friday, 15 September 2017

SOZ - Out Now on Steam

SOZ (Somewhere On Zibylon) is a sci-fi exploration puzzle game with stealth elements, set in deep space and zero gravity.   Made by a solo dev over two and a half years, it's finally ready to launch!

The signal from the Control Center of the colonized planet Zibylon has been lost. A repair drone is sent to the station. Upon arrival, it detects loss of control over the stations and strange activity taking place in them. Using the capabilities of the drone and the orbital module, explore Zibylon, solve puzzles, hide from enemies and fight with them, search for resources and produce equipment to capture stations and mines. If you want to regain control over the stations, figure out the tangled mechanisms and structures and avoid the many dangers that threaten you. 


    - Explore the space stations and the entire planet.
    - Solve the variety of environmental puzzles.
    - Use stealth to find ways to avoid skirmishes with aliens.
    - Combat the alien forces, using the capabilities of the orbital module.  
    - Search and capture space bases and mines.
    - Mining, crafting and researching technologies for equipping and arming the orbital module.

Released on Steam 14th September 2017 
10% off during launch week

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