Saturday, 22 July 2017

First Look - Doctor Kvorak's Obliteration Game

Doctor Kvorak's Obliteration Game is a puzzle platformer hosted by an alien with god-like powers, with whole planets at stake as "prizes".  You control one of three aliens as they attempt to find all the pieces of the planet on offer in each stage.

Have only played the first couple of levels but I can tell you that it's a lot of fun (and my daughters - 6 and 3 years old - both love watching me play it), with lots of humour from the host's commentary on proceedings - frequently lapsing into personal reminiscences - and, for reasons I have yet to figure out, a large sentient chicken.  The game has a nice learning curve, doesn't seem too difficult to complete a stage but it's really quite a challenge to find every piece of the puzzle that will let you win the prize.

I'll do a full review when I've had time to give it a thorough test, but early signs are good!

Doctor Kvorak's Obliteration Game is available on Steam.

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