Sunday, 28 May 2017

Startropy - A Space Faring Sci-Fi Adventure Game

Startropy puts you in the role as the Captain of humanity’s first starship capable of FTL travel. Your task will be to explore the universe to discover strange new worlds, and then befriend (or blast) the aliens you meet.

- A Lucasart-style graphic adventure where you can explore, talk and interact with the world.
- Away team missions will have you assign different crewman to explore hostile planets to gather resources, and sometimes enter “dungeons” for special quests.
- Space combat that emphasises tactical choices over twitch reflexes, and sometimes feature environmental hazards and other quirks.


If you’ve ever played Star Control 2 then you’ll have a pretty good idea of how the game plays out: You’ll be able to freely explore the universe in your ship, gathering up resources so you can upgrade your ship to explore further out, and on the way you will encounter crazy and colourful alien civilisations that will have a major “quest” involving them.

The plan will be that each quest will have a cool sci-fi plot kind of like an episode of Star Trek, featuring lots of dialogue, puzzle solving and exploration. You will be able to have your say on the quest’s outcome and/or ethical quandary, which will also have an effect on the game’s overall storyline.

It's seeking support on Steam Greenlight, and there is also a Playable Demo available.

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