Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Lawrence Lessig teams up with Klang to build the political framework of Seed

AI-driven MMO receives backing from Greylock Partners (Discovery Fund), Joi Ito, and David Helgason 
  • It has been announced that the Harvard Law Professor and activist, Lawrence Lessig, has teamed up with the Berlin-based independent game developer, Klang, to construct the political framework of the up-and-coming AI-driven simulation MMO, Seed.
  • Lawrence Lessig will be working with Klang to develop Seed’s in-game political structure, which will be a defining moment in online multiplayer gaming.
  • Seed is a continuous, persistent simulation where players are tasked with colonizing an exoplanet through collaboration, conflict, and other player-to-player interaction.
  • Using unique gameplay based on managing multiple characters in real-time, communities are built even when players are logged off, allowing the world of Seed to be a living, breathing entity.
  • With over 30 years’ combined experience working on MMOs EVE Online and Dust 514, Klang holds a deep-rooted understanding of designing and operating persistent worlds. This experience will be applied to develop Seed’s large, player-driven world.
  • Also joining Klang and Lessig on the project is the renowned 3D animator, Eran Hilleli, who will be leading the art direction of Seed. Working on a variety of projects, Hilleli has earned acclaim for his signature art and elegant animation style.
  • In addition, the project has received financial backing from Reid Hoffman (Greylock Partners via Discovery Fund), David Helgason (Unity), and entrepreneurial investor Joi Ito.
  • Klang will leverage this financial backing to grow the studio and complete the development of the first internal release of Seed. The aforementioned stakeholders also join Klang backers London Venture Partners (LVP), and Adalsteinn Ottarson (Riot Games).
  • Seed is being built in partnership with distributed computing startup Improbable, and is building Seed on Improbable’s SpatialOS platform. Improbable’s technology allows the creation of massive simulations – “virtual worlds” – at a far greater level of scale and complexity than previously possible, which are also able to support more simultaneous users. Klang is also a part of the SpatialOS Games Innovation Program, in partnership with Google Cloud, which recognises and supports groundbreaking games built on SpatialOS.
  • Klang plans to start opening up an external playable version of Seed in early 2018. In the meantime, MMO fans can discover more about Seed via the project’s website:

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