Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Entropy's Fall- A Giant Boss-Slaying 2D Platformer

Entropy's Fall is a story rich 2D Action Adventure for PC/Mac/Linux. You play Kayos who is at war with another God in the planet called Entropy. While the protagonist's story is that of revenge, what makes the saga stand out is that the characters of the game represent abstract worldly characters such a chaos, justice, etc. and each of their actions is linked to their fundamental qualities.  There will be no fighting minions in this game - it's entirely focused on epic boss battles!

Key features of the game include:
- Bigass Boss Battles
- Vivid Visuals
- Gripping Gameplay
- Lore and Legend

Check it out the IndieGoGo page for more details and to pledge your support if you like the look if this one!

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