Monday, 8 May 2017

Asylamba : Influence

RTFM, a young Swiss Startup, has launched the beta version of its brand new video game: "Asylamba : Influence".   A demo is available and it's seeking support on Greenlight (links at end of post).

The game is developed by three passionate game designers from Switzerland: Gil Clavien, NoƩ Zufferey and Jacky Casas. It is now 6 months since the game is in development. They are now ready to unveil their second game to the public.

Asylamba : Influence is a strategy game combining skills and reflection on a futuristic and refined interface. You play the leader of a faction that must extend the culture of his empire over the galaxy. At the beginning of a mission, the empire is composed of a single solar system. It will be necessary to use Great Characters (savant, priest, artist or merchant) to spread the culture of the kingdom on other systems. The zone of influence will then grow, with all that it generates: increase of the partisans, increase of power, and more possibilities. Nevertheless, be careful, it's necessary to maintain this cultural influence so that it persists! Different factions are engaged in this "war" of influence.


Influencing systems

The main mechanic consists of hiring Great Characters and sending them to solar systems around. They will step by step spread their culture to the local population. It's the way to get more power!
Each system has characteristics that determine the efficiency of the Character's influence. Every characteristic corresponds to a type of Great Character (e.g. faith corresponds to the priest).


The player can build a single building per solar system. Different types of buildings give different type of bonus, be it points or credits to progress in the current mission. Great Characters have a cost in characteristics points and credits. So the player has to manage his buildings well to produce the needed points, credits and benefit from the different useful bonuses.


You also have the possibility to collect prestige points, which you can spend, on powers. They'll help you reach you goals or slow the opponent’s progress down.

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