Friday, 28 April 2017

Nadia was Here turns retro battle systems on its head into something new, available soon

After more than 5 years of hard work on this project, indie developer Joel Aspen is thrilled to announce that his game "Nadia was Here" will be available on Steam on 26th May 2017!

He developed it mainly out of a love for retro JRPGs, but also with a view to adding modern gaming features along with the nostalgic vibes.  There are a lot of twists on standard genre conventions and he's most proud of creating a unique battle system.  In fact he's so pleased with this system that he's released a demo specifically to show it off, available here.

Game features:

  • Fast-paced battles: Mixing elements from time-management games and classic turn-based goodness for a truly unique real time experience.
  • Develop your characters in a new way: Growing through learning new skills instead of leveling up. Eliminating the need for random battles and grinding.
  • Keep collecting: Gain new skills and become stronger during battles. Collect and upgrade powerful amulets
  • Engaging story development: slowly get to know the main characters, and grow to adore, love and hate them.
  • Explore Amytah: Discover its many secrets and crack your brain on puzzle-centric dungeons.

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