Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Julia's Canadian Mystery EGA text parser mystery game

Julia's Canadian Mystery is inspired by Sierra On-line's "The Colonel's Bequest", an EGA text parser adventure game of mystery and intrigue set in Northern Ontario, Canada - being made as a real labour of love by the looks of it, using AGS (Adventure Game Studio).

The year is 1913. You are a clerk working at the Royal Ontario Museum and your boss wants the mineralogy exhibit to be the talk of the town when the museum opens the following year. So when a fisherman finds a huge diamond in the belly of a fish, the Professor sends you up north to investigate! This could be your big chance to prove to everyone you have what it takes...

This is pretty hardcore retro, if you're a fan of the old Sierra games it should be right up your street. Here are a few screenshots and a (rather long) intro:

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