Thursday, 6 April 2017

Indie Game Market Research

Jóhann Guðjónsson from Lumenox Games has been in touch regarding some research he's doing about the indie game market as part of his Masters thesis in Marketing and International Business - where he's tackling the topic of how indie developers can effectively market their games. The fact is that it’s very hard, as there is almost no real data about the market. Most will turn to ESA’s report on the video game industry - but there is no way to know if that accurately portrays the indie game market. So, right now Johann collecting data through a survey on the indie game market - all he's findings will then be released for free to benefit all indie developers.

It won't take you long to complete the survey, it only took me a couple of minutes really, so if you'd like to give Johann a helping hand and help create a report that could be useful to indie developers in years to come, please fill in the questionnaire.

The closing date for answers is 3rd May 2017, and there have been 150 respondents so far - not nearly enough to create reliable data, so hopefully this number will go up as more people find out.  The report will be published on the website of the university Johann is attending, but he will be putting together an easier to read version which I will publish here on this blog.

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