Friday, 21 April 2017

AppGameKit DLC released to capture GameGuru assets

The Game Creators today released GameGuru Loader for AppGameKit providing a great and efficient way to convert & load GameGuru levels into AppGameKit.

GameGuru Loader lets you link the easy building features of GameGuru with the smart coding commands of AppGameKit.

The easy to use editor in GameGuru allows you to create 3D scenes and assets such as terrains, skies, vegetation, buildings and everyday objects. Now all these assets can be converted and then loaded in and displayed in AppGameKit.

GameGuru Loader allows you to go mobile too! GameGuru Loader includes a converter that scans all your GameGuru media, and optimises it to a format ideal for mobile use.

Rick Vanner, Development Director at The Game Creators, said, "The DLC adds yet another dimension to AppGameKit. What you see in GameGuru you will see in AppGameKit! GameGuru Loader provides an easy way for game developers to bring their 3D ideas to life in AppGameKit."

The Game Creators used AppGameKit to develop Driving Test Success Theory, Hazard Perception and Highway Code apps for UK publisher Focus Multimedia, deploying them onto the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon - all from AppGameKit's executable code. These Driving Test Success apps are now one of the UK's #1 ‘Learning to Drive' apps.

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