Sunday, 26 March 2017

Preview - Sumoman

This game, launching soon on Steam, has had my two young daughters in gales of laughter and so far it's been a very enjoyable game.  You play a sumo wrestler who's come rushing from a tournament due to an urgent message from his grandmother - on reaching the island she lives on however, he finds everyone asleep.  Obviously something strange is going on...

Sumoman seems at first glance a fairly standard run and jump with a gimmicky main character, but it doesn't take long before you realise that the sumo theme is a embedded into the DNA of this game and that you're in for a very enjoyable ride here.  Of course the nice visuals and fun music help, but it soon becomes apparent that the game requires the use of both your character's immense strength and a considerable degree of finesse.  There is a bit of puzzle solving going on too, and some sections that need quick reactions to get past.  There is also a 2-player mode which looks like it will be a lot of fun!

I've not played very far into the game yet but definitely want to see more of it.  Sumoman will be released on Steam on 28th March 2017.

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