Monday, 13 March 2017

Planet Apolion makes its debut on Square Enix Collective

Planet Apolion is based on the mechanics of the classic shoot 'em up genre, combined with elements of adventure, exploration and RPG gameplay.

You must explore the vast world by choosing different routes within an open world map you can explore freely, get new skills, solve puzzles and find secret to access new areas. The gameplay combines side-scroll and vertical-scroll stages. The path traced on the map will determine the scroll. 

In addition, you can change the direction of the spaceship at will, and make it stop or go back to defeat certain enemies, solve puzzles or investigate a suspicious element on the screen.

The plot takes place during a distant future, in the planet Apolion, a highly similar to earth and full resource planet, but inhabited by different creatures which depend of huge entities called Apolions.  These creatures are fighting against the invader, the player: a ship from planet Earth which looks for new planets to colonize after the degradation of its own, due to negligent abuse of natural resources. These creatures will try to communicate and interact with you.

Depending on the information you collect during the game both in the conversations and the files where the story of the planet is told, as a player you will be able to interact with the planet to obtain three completely different endings.

Planet Apolion seeks for support and feedback on Square Enix Collective.

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