Sunday, 19 March 2017

MICROGONS: A 1v1 competitive online turn-based strategy game with chess influenced design

Microgons is a 1v1 online competitive turn-based strategy game for PC.  Construct a team of polygonal monsters called Microgons, and strategically maneuver them across a board to engage them in combat against the opposing team.  Basically, it’s 4D chess.

From teleporting, to setting fire to the ground, to building sentry guns, to shooting missiles, every Microgon has a unique special ability.  The board is procedurally generated, so you must draft your Microgons according to what best suits the battlefield.  You’ll have to emergently combine your Microgon’s abilities together in order to exploit your enemy’s weaknesses to win!

Key Features:
  • Online 1v1 ranked matchmaking with MMR.
  • Friend-Play: battle against your Steam friends.
  • More than 20 unique Microgons to create your team from.
  • Practice mode: play against a basic AI to practice with your team.
  • High skill-cap: extreme level of depth.
  • Very little RNG: win based on skill, not luck.
  • Vaporwave inspired aesthetic.
  • Procedurally generated boards.
Microgons will be released on 27th March 2017 on Steam.

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