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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Candleman: Puzzle Platformer Coming Soon to Xbox One

BEIJING — January 4, 2017 — What can you accomplish with only 10 seconds of light? Candleman, developed by Spotlightor Interactive in association with E-Home Entertainment, will challenge players to guide a vulnerable candle on a perilous adventure through dark and shadowy environments. Set for release in early 2017 exclusively on Xbox One, Candleman must find his way through enchanted worlds on a tightrope between light and dark with only one luxury - 10 seconds of candlelight, to be used sparingly in each in-game level.

Watch Candleman light his way through the darkness in this teaser trailer:

Starting each in-game level, players will have 10 brief seconds of candlelight to use to illuminate their path. Avoid treacherous chasms while guiding Candleman through haunted hallways, enchanted forests and moonlit ponds in search of the distant light. As players use their precious light, their candle protagonist will melt - losing wax but gaining a stronger ability to jump.

Candleman originated as an entry into the Ludum Dare game jam competition by Spotlightor co-founder and game creator Gao Ming, with the theme “10 seconds of light.” Emerging from the event as an award winner in several categories, Candleman went on to receive additional recognition on the web from Kongregate as well as within ID@XBOX, allowing Spotlightor to cultivate the game into a full length adventure.

“From its original conception to its near-final release, Candleman has captivated players at all stages of development with a simple core concept and tight platforming gameplay amid the darkness,” remarked Gao Ming, creator of Candleman. “Developing Candleman into an fully-fledged fairytale has been a great journey with the team at Spotlightor.”

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