Thursday, 26 January 2017

Announcing A Diversity Game Project - Tell the World your Story

I'm not really sure how this will work as an actual game, but it's certainly a fascinating idea!

New Diversity Game Project needs you! Won't you please fill out the questionnaire here to be a part of this groundbreaking new concept of a game? 

Tell the world your story

Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK (26th January 2017)

Viperante is proud to announce the launch of "A Diversity Game Project", a unique and important new game project, and is inviting you to be a part of it.

Background to the Game

If ever there was a time for unity, for solidarity, for us to come together as people, then that time is now. We live in a world of fear and uncertainty, in the middle of a culture war, battling over whose ideas are right, and whose are wrong, with all sides quick to judge, label, and attack those they disagree with. There are many issues that divide us. And in all the fighting, the real truth of a person is often overlooked, or never even considered at all. How well do we really know each other? Are those we disagree with really the terrible people we seem to always want them to be? Or do they simply have a different perspective, for a different reason? Could just taking the time to learn more about each other, create a better world for us all?

The Game

"A Diversity Game Project" will be a simple point and click adventure style game that aims to present a truly diverse set of people to the world, in a way that will force players to ask: "How much time am I really willing to devote to finding out about the lives and experiences of other people?" It won't have a story to uncover. Rather, YOUR stories will be the stories to uncover. Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from? What are the things that make you, you? Your answers to these questions will become the main component of the game, and seeking them out, the main challenge. This is a chance to immortalise a small piece of yourself forever, and a chance for everyone else, to find it. This will not be a game about politics. This will not be a game about taking sides. This will be a game about transcending those things. This will be a game about achieving a deeper understanding of others, and in doing so, achieving a deeper understanding of yourself.


If you would like to contribute your story to this project, and be part of something innovative, important and positive, then please visit to find out how.

"A Diversity Game Project" was conceived, and is being made, by Viperante, a UK based games developer headquartered in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales in the north of England. Founded in 2003 by writer and graphic designer Daniel Lee Peach, it is complemented by highly skilled third party support located throughout the world, and is dedicated to bringing creative, imaginative, and unique products to the market.

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