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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Epic Manager - Create Your Own Adventuring Agency!

Released on Steam yesterday.

ManaVoid Entertainment is proud to present the full release version of Epic Manager, a fresh and unique RPG-Tycoon game, two years in the making and already acclaimed by both players and critics worldwide!  (On special offer price for launch.)

What is Epic Manager?
Epic Manager offers a colorful and addictive mix of roster management and character progression found in titles like Football Manager of Final Fantasy Tactics, narrative choices & consequences in the beloved tradition of game-books series Choose Your Own Adventure, the epic scope of a D&D campaign or a Lord of the Rings novel and the humoristic tone of The Princess Bride, all in one awesome package! 

Join the thousands who have already discovered the world of Astraeus, create your own adventuring agency and become - the Epic Manager! 

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