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Friday, 4 November 2016

Join PROCJAM - The the Procedural Generation Jam

This Saturday the Procedural Generation Jam - PROCJAM - is hosting its third iteration on Whether you're trying procedural generation for the first time, or want to jam on your favourite generative algorithm, we hope you'll join in and Make Something That Makes Something.


PROCJAM is a laid-back jam about making things to go with procedural generation. Maybe you'll make a game that procedurally generates costumes for its heroes, or maybe you'll make a tool for generating dungeons. You could make something inspiring that isn't game related, even - like a Twitterbot, an artwork, or a really useful code library! The jam is nine days long but you can take extra time, use existing code, and work with other. It's about having fun, learning new things, and exploring what wild and wonderful things we can do with procedural generation.

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