Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Award Winning Writer Launches Alice in Wonderland Inspired Visual Novel Kickstarter

Naive Sprites are a small development team focusing on a project called "A Very Important Date", an otome (female oriented visual novel) inspired by the setting and characters of Alice in Wonderland. Their Lead Writer, Noelle Hyzy, was the grand prize winner of Voltage Inc.'s 4th Annual International Script Contest for Romance Apps.The project has been in development for roughly a year, and they recently launched a Kickstarter Campaign.

The game follows the story of Alice Sunderland, a girl from a small town in Ohio as she gets transported to a strange world, and is persuaded to become a waitress at a mysterious cafe. Along the way she meets the other inhabitants of the land, and thus creates bonds with them. 

The final game, which will be released on both PC and Mac will also be available on mobile platforms and will feature:
-Over 40+ hours of gameplay
-12 Chapters
-Animated Characters
-Over 30 highly detailed CGs
-60+ backgrounds
-3 Endings per Story

There's a demo for both PC and Mac which features over 2-3 hours of gameplay, and introduces the player to all the characters and the setting of the game.  Get the demo.

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