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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Sci-fi game Asylopole - now on Steam Greenlight

This one looks like it's trying to do some interesting new things with the adventure game genre, and has a very interesting premise.  Looking forward to seeing this one when it's released!  For now it's just been launched on Steam Greenlight.

Asylopole is a satirical old-school adventure game set in a dystopian future. You play the role of Adam Murdock, a psychiatrist working in a gigantic asylum. Get inside your patients’ heads to find out what’s gone wrong. Experience totally new universes and fight your patients’ worst nightmares…

- Large universe
- Non-linear
- 2D hand drawn graphics, rotoscoping, stop-motion
- 90’s feeling
- Varied gameplay: exploration, puzzles, fights,...
- Rich content: quests, mini-games, network (Ultranet),...
- Adjustable difficulty
- Controllers support
- Gain EXP and increase your stats
- Eat nice Fastbouf burgers ( look at that sauce dripping down ! )

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