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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Fig Now Collecting Funds for Fig Game Shares--Psychonauts 2, Anyone Can Invest

Fig, the only crowdfunding platform dedicated to video games, today began collection for investment in its Fig Game Shares -- PSY2. With this historic first campaign, Fig is the only platform where individuals can buy shares in a publisher that offer a return based on the financial performance of their favorite games. Backers who previously registered interest during the Psychonauts 2 campaign on can now convert their reservation into investment. Fig has contacted all backers with simple instructions, and new investors may follow for more information.

The Psychonauts 2 crowdfunding campaign reached more than $3.8M from 24,000 fans pledging their support for the highly anticipated sequel, approximately half in the form of rewards pledges and half in the form of reservations for Fig Game Shares -- PSY2, and Fig is now able to collect funds from non-accredited investors for the Fig Game Shares. The SEC qualification also paves the way for Fig to start registering Fig Game Shares for other campaigns on Fig. The SEC qualification marks a turning point for the games industry and the future of crowdfunding by allowing an investment in Fig, as publisher, which will offer a return based on the financial performance of a completed project.

Fig Game Shares are the only investment of its type to pass through the SEC process under Title IV of the JOBS Act, making them a brand new type of security - allowing anyone, accredited and non-accredited investors alike, to invest in Fig and potentially benefit from the success of a specific project.

Please read Justin’s thoughts on the SEC qualification on the Fig blog. To learn more about the Fig crowdfunding platform and its mission, please visit

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