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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Crystal Shard Adventure Bundle - Quest for Yrolg, Starship Quasar, Larry Lotter

Indie developers Crystal Shard have started a Greenlight campaign to get three of their adventure games published there: Starship Quasar, Larry Lotter, and Quest for Yrolg. For anyone who’s played these before, these are the ‘deluxe’ versions with updated and higher-resolution graphics, new soundtrack, and professional voice acting. Check out the Steam Greenlight page.

(As if it wasn't enough to support these games coming out in deluxe form, it's hoped that the revenue from this bundle once on sale will be enough to fund making a deluxe edition of the already excellent "A Tale of Two Kingdoms".  This and their other free games are available from the Crystal Shard Website.)

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