Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Rabbit and The Owl - A Cooperative Puzzle-platformer

This game's Kickstarter has already reached its target, but there are some stretch goals to aim for before it finishes in the very slightly over 2 days from the time of this post.  The second stretch goal, less than $500 away, is online co-op play.

Game info:

The Rabbit and The Owl is a cooperative puzzle-platformer which uses the idea of negative space. Each level is fractured into two parts with the white Rabbit existing in dark areas and the black Owl existing in light areas. Although they’re always separated, they reach across bounds to help each other to their goals.

The game emphasizes constant communication and is a great team-building game. You must help each other and not just yourselves. Understanding what the other person needs and vice versa is key to solving the puzzles.

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign.  Among many possible backer rewards, a $10 pledge bags you a copy of the game.

The Rabbit and The Owl is initially being developed for PC, Mac and Linux, with future plans for PS4 and Xbox One releases, with other systems to follow if the game is successful enough.

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