Thursday, 29 September 2016

Fig Launches Two New Indie Game Campaigns

SAN FRANCISCO - Sept. 28, 2016 - Fig, the only crowdfunding platform dedicated to video games, reveals campaigns for two up and coming indie titles: Make Sail from Popcannibal and Trackless by Aubrey Serr (Overgrowth) of 12 East Games. A physics based construction and exploration adventure where players design their own boats, Make Sail is the latest title from acclaimed developer Ziba Scott (Elegy for a Dead World, Girls Like Robots). The Make Sail fundraising campaign is live today on Fig at, with a goal of raising $50,000.

At Fig, we are passionate about supporting independent developers big and small,” said Justin Bailey, CEO, Fig. “Our mission is to create a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem that breeds innovation in the industry, while helping fund and support developers so they can concentrate on what they do best - making great games.

Make Sail challenges players to craft a ship and navigate it through a raging sea of advanced water and wind simulations. Along the way, they’ll have to survive an ocean of storms and angry beasts on a quest for rare parts to build better boats.

“Fig's crowdfunding will allow us to develop Make Sail on our own terms, without compromising design or rushing production,“ said Ziba Scott, founder, Popcannibal. “Just as important, Fig is using their resources to shine a spotlight on us so audiences can find Make Sail and be part of the process of creating something wonderful.“

Trackless, a mysterious text-based adventure currently in the works at 12 East Games, will also launch a Fig crowdfunding campaign in the coming weeks. Those interested in investing in Trackless can register their interest on the Fig website at today.

“Crowdfunding makes a lot of sense for us, since it simultaneously grants us the ability to raise funds for polishing and shaping our game, while at the same time helping get the word out,” said Aubrey Serr, 12 East Games. “We’re excited that Fig is helping us with the campaign and will continue to help us even once the funding is done.”

Accredited investors are invited to register their investment interest in the Make Sail and Trackless crowdfunding campaigns, and unaccredited investors will be able to pledge for rewards. For the latest news about Make Sail, please visit the Fig campaign page, while future updates on Trackless will be revealed on the game’s official website.

To learn more about the Fig crowdfunding platform and its mission, please visit

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