Friday, 26 August 2016

Patreon Poll

So firstly, thank you to the 4 people who have voted so far - and especially the one person who has said that they would support me on Patreon if I took all the ads off Indie Game News!

But you may be wondering... what will you actually get for being my Patron?  Just an ad-free site here?  That would be pretty feeble, and it's not the case.  I only have 3 tiers of rewards:

Pledge $1 or more per month
0 patrons
My eternal thanks!
I will regularly post updates on Patreon for public viewing.
Get $1 reward
Pledge $2 or more per month
4 patrons
public Thank You on this page.  (With it linked either to your Patreon profile or if you prefer your Twitter feed.)

Exclusive news and early access to games.
Get $2 reward
Pledge $5 or more per month
Everything from the $2 tier plus athank you on the credits page of future games plus any commercial game I release (as Lead Designer) you will get for free.  (I will see if I can get your freebies on other games I work on but not able to give cast-iron promises on games I'm not fully in control of!)
Get $5 reward

So... there you have it.  I currently have 6 patrons who have so far received early access to one game (Fanbots 2.0) and an exclusive game prototype (Lunar Lander), but there will be many more rewards to follow!

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