Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Oculus Rift to launch in the UK on 20th September

The hotly anticipated Oculus Rift is coming to the UK.

Oculus, from Facebook, is today announcing that the innovative virtual reality experience will launch in the UK on 20th September.

Rift can be pre-ordered now and will be available to purchase from retail partners, including Amazon.co.uk, John Lewis, Curry’s PC World, GAME Digital Plc, and the London department store Harrods for the RRP of £549. Consumers will be given the opportunity to demo Rift for the very first time as demo experiences will be rolled out across the UK in the coming weeks.

Every Rift comes with the popular VR platformer Lucky’s Tale, along with hundreds of free 3D 360 videos and VR films, plus access to the ever-expanding collection of made-for-VR games and experiences on the Oculus Store.

Over the coming weeks demo experiences will be rolled out at retail locations across the UK. Demo titles available include;
·       The Climb – every thrill-seeker’s favourite
·       Henry – a heartwarming VR film, narrated by Elijah Wood
·       Farlands – an exotic planetary experience
·       Oculus Dreamdeck – the perfect introduction to VR

To schedule a demo, head to Oculus Live. New locations will be added each week, so checking the site regularly is recommended.

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