Tuesday, 30 August 2016

First Look – “Bear With Me”

Bear With Me is an interesting game, it’s a noir detective game starring a 10 year-old girl and her retired partner, Ted.E.Bear.   This is an interesting blend of styles and promises to produce some laughs amidst the serious plot of the mysterious “Red Man” and a serious of fires in Paper City.

The visuals are lovely (even given that with my lousy PC I’ve been playing on lowest quality), the music fits nicely and the ambient sound effects are good.  The voice acting is variable so far, as is the writing – some of the intonation and pausing is a bit off, and some of the jokes don’t really work – but that’s not to say that it’s bad overall, just inconsistent.   The way the text is displayed with a border quickly in and out is a little distracting.  The dialogues are quite wordy and I was itching to actually start playing the game quite a while before the long opening exposition was out of the way.  Early puzzles were easy, expecting them to get harder soon.   The plot is interesting, as are the characters, and the game seems so far to have bundles of atmosphere and a good dollop of charm, that hopefully will easily override the niggling issues I’ve mentioned.

Amber and Ted.E.Bear.  They have a troubled past, but can they save the city's future?

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