Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Rising Runner : Puzzle your way through the perils of Purgatory!

(Rather later than the original press release, but I only recently came into contact with the dev.)

February 4, 2016 - Magicbane has released his latest game, “Rising Runner”, for Windows and Linux desktop PCs.

In a mission to reclaim your soul from the villainous Endless Sender you must pass through Purgatory, a devilish pit of tricks and traps. You run through the caves and sewers to the lair of the Endless Sender where you will face off with him in a final confrontation.

The game features an old-school art style, reminiscent of retro games (such as Lode Runner and Jet Set Willy) and the nostalgia and outright strangeness surrounding them, and a chiptune soundtrack and a level editor to make and share levels.

  • Cute and whimsical 16-bit styled graphics
  • Easy-to-use Level Editor
  • Incredible soundtrack by Andy Lemon

Availability and System Requirements : Rising Runner is released and available via the store - - and also on Steam, - It requires Windows 7 (or better) or a fairly modern Linux distribution, a 1.6GHz processor, at least 1GB system memory; and OpenGL capable hardware acceleration.

Magicbane is an independent solo developer of games for Windows and Linux desktop computers. Since releasing my first free game in 2006, they’ve released many games including The Wizard’s Lair and it’s predecessor, “Explore Quest” which was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare. Their games can be found at

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