Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Stair Quest - the greatest villain from Sierra's old-school adventures gets its own game

Stair Quest looks back at classic Sierra adventure games like King's Quest and highlights a specific element: the treacherous staircases that led to so many deaths and so much save-scumming. Stair Quest consists entirely of these deadly stairs (tied together with a fantasy plot), essentially serving as a comedic walking simulator where death awaits at every turn.

It's recreated the 16-color look of old-school adventure games, coupled it with a Tandy-inspired soundtrack, and built a text parser that recognizes over 1,000 commands. The dev's goal was to see if they could take an annoying aspect of a beloved game franchise, crank it up to 11, and somehow come out on the other end with a fun game.

Stair Quest was completed in two weeks for the recently-concluded Adventure Jam 2016. It's available for free download (Windows and Mac) here:


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