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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Silhouette – A Story Driven Detective Adventure

June 5th, 2016 – Vancouver, BC – Apeirogon has announced its first game “Silhouette” for windows desktop PCs. 

“I stopped at Buddy's News Stand across the street from the station as I do every morning and picked up the local paper. The headline for the day was a case that Tracy and I had been working on for two days already without much of a lead. There were a string of homicides in Rutherford – the wealthy part of town. Not a common happenstance by any stretch of the imagination but nothing absurdly unusual either. Rutherford is the best and the worst of this city as it’s neighbored by one of the more seedy areas of town. Most crimes that happen in Rutherford are either committed by homeless junkies looking to steal something expensive enough to cover their next fix, or bored aristocrats who think they can literally get away with murder. This case was different. All of the victims were known criminals. Pedophiles, Rapists, Mafioso and Drug dealers. The weird part was that the killer had purposely left behind clues at every crime scene that led us directly to the next. Like he – or her I suppose. Could’ve been a dame – was leaving a trail of bread crumbs and he wanted us to follow. Like he wanted to be caught.”

 “We’d been trying to keep the case under wraps. It’s always better to keep the public in the dark for as long as possible. Stops the calls of phony sightings from flooding the office and lets us actually do our jobs. The headline on Page One meant that our days of playing it close to the chest were just thrown out the window by some punk journalist trying to make a name for themselves. Believe it or not, two minutes ago I actually had the thought that today couldn't get any worse.”   

“I try to keep positive you know?” 

Take control of Detective Jim Grayson, a homicide detective hunting an as of yet unknown serial killer whose motives are confusingly unclear. Silhouette: Prologue will release this fall (2016) on Steam through Early Access. Fans who purchase the early access version of the game will do so at a greatly reduced price and will receive the second (and final) chapter of the game for free once it is completed. 

You can find videos and images of the game on the Indie DB or on Game Jolt where you can also download the playable demo. 

And you can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight at: 

Finally the official website is http://apeirogon‐ 

Apeirogon is an independent video game developer located in Vancouver, BC, Canada and is currently comprised of a single man development team. Peter Ryan aka TorQue[MoD]

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