Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Kinguin Indie Valley to change industry standards for selling indie games

Aimed at indie developers and publishers, this program was set up to help them sell their titles to their fans. Kinguin.net originally created this initiative in the beginning of this year to work within the community and play a part in its success. Today, Kinguin Indie Valley finishes its testing period to fully spread its wings over all developers who wish to join it.

“It is great that companies like Kinguin are open to helping game creators the way they do. Getting additional support is always nice, and the kind provided by Kinguin is really helpful not only for us, but for anybody who decides to work with them.” - said Vladimir Piskunov, CEO of Bitbox who created Life is Feudal.

Developers and publishers are continuously joining Kinguin, and are provided with the opportunity to increase their revenue through Kinguin’s resources. Some of the numerous services provided by Kinguin to game creators include 24/7 customer support in multiple languages as well as help in terms of fraud chargebacks rate - as a market leader Kinguin can help reduce it to as low as 0,2%. The platform also provides effective payment gateways within all key markets, whether it's on mobile or desktop, with 120 online payment methods being available. Finally, the company runs on a robust ecommerce engine supported by an advanced infrastructure able to handle all sorts of traffic.

“Kinguin always believed that gamers deserve only the best.” Said Piotr Gnyp, Kinguin’s Head of Developers Program “However, we mustn’t forget about game creators, for whom our Kinguin Indie Valley was created. You cannot take care of customers without taking care of developers as well. Making sure that developers are properly appreciated will definitely translate to satisfied gamers.”

"We are very happy about our partnership with Kinguin.net. It's hard to find reliable business partner these days."- said a representative of Destructive Creations - the development team behind the game Hatred who sell their game on Kinguin directly.

If you want to join the initiative and become one of the game creators who already work with Kinguin, contact Piotr Gnyp at piotr.gnyp@kinguin.net

About Kinguin
Kinguin.net is a global marketplace for buying digital products. Safe shopping, a variety of genres, in-game items and very competitive prices make it one of the most popular platforms across the Internet. With tens of thousands of products in offer including AAA titles, indie games and in-game items like CS:GO and Dota 2 skins, Kinguin is well known within the eSports community for creating its own tournaments and leagues.

Be sure to always stay up to date with Kinguin news. Check out their social media: fb.com/Kinguin.net, @KinguinNet on Twitter and @KinguinOfficial on Instagram!

Contact information:
Piotr Gnyp

mob. +48 608 207 027

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