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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The dark Tormentum reached mobile platforms with iOS and Android

WARSAW, Poland – April 19, 2016 – After a successful debut on PC, a gloomy point’n’click adventure game - Tormentum - Dark Sorrow – has just appeared on mobile platforms with iOS and Android. Gloom, surrealism, unsettling music – this is how we can briefly describe the most mature work of the independent OhNoo studio.

The production is distinguished, mainly due to its gloomy, artistic graphic design, for which it has been appreciated and rewarded many times up until now. The mysterious world we reach will attract our attention from the start with its intense, surreal atmosphere, evocative of the paintings by H. R. Giger or BeksiƄski. As a result, we are faced with a raw and dark world full of strange buildings and creatures, taken straight from the nightmares. 

In this game, we act as a nameless hero, who wakes up one day, locked in a metal cage fixed with a chain to an enormous flying machine. The hero is transported along with another convict, a humanoid rat, to a castle, where he is supposed to serve time for his deeds. However, we don’t know what exactly these deeds were, because the hero has lost his memory. The only vague memory he has, is a blurred vision of a statue – a woman flanked with stone hands. This is how the long journey through the hostile world of Tormentum begins.

In order, to discover the truth about himself, the hero must explore 3 countries, made up of nearly 80 bleak locations. The atmosphere is perfectly complemented by gloomy and heavy music.

It is also worth adding that in Tormentum, the player’s conscience will be subject to numerous challenges, due to moral choices that will affect the end of the game. During our adventure, we will have to make decisions concerning the life or death of the creatures we meet. 

Tormentum is out now through App Store and Google PlayStore with the promotional price 30% off for the limited time only. The regular price will be $6,99. 

About OhNoo Studi

OhNoo Studio is a small design studio whose ambition is to leave a lasting trace, in the world of electronic entertainment. The Studio was established in 2013 and operates in Poland. At the moment, together with the animator, Alek Wasilewski, the studio is working on a stop motion adventure game titled Tsioque, for which a subsidy from players was obtained in 2015, through the Kickstarter website.

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