Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Aveyond 4 Launches on Steam

Aveyond 4 Now Available on Steam
After five years the beloved franchise returns!

Feb 1, 2015 - Amaranth Games and Degi Games are proud to announce Aveyond 4 is now available on Steam. 

Aveyond is a whimsical and magical land, filled with creatures, stories, and even villains that will warm your heart and engage you at every turn. Meet Boyle, he wanted to rule the world. Adventurers showed up and ruined his day, now he lives with his best friend Fang in the woods… but fate has in store for this villain one shot at another chance to fulfill his goals.

Explore the rich and wonderful world of Aveyond with Boyle, his pet wolf, and a bevvy of other unlikely companions. Enjoy the thrill of being evil, bad, or just plain misunderstood. Join a coven, transform your friends into creatures, and recruit minions to do your bidding. Life is good when you’re bad.

Aveyond 4 is a full length epic RPG that tells the story of what it’s like to be a down on your luck villain in a hero’s world. Go forth and begin your quest for redemption, and along the way, maybe learn that there’s worse fates than being born bad.

Aveyond 4, now available on Steam at http://store.steampowered.com/app/433920/.

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