Sunday, 31 January 2016

Pitstop Challenge now out

This is an interesting take on the motor racing team management sim - you have to manage the pit crew instead.  Developed by Laudo Games and distributed by Kiss Ltd, released on Friday 29 January 2016.

A must for every fan of this very well known motor sport… you know the one!

The goal in Pitstop Challenge is to become the best pitstop crew on the motorsport circuit. Select and managing a team of mechanics and send them to 19 of the world's fastest races, each one having 10 fantastic cars needing a pit crew.

With 24 car mechanics at your disposal, your job is to make them the best! Train and manage them and try and make them the fastest pit stop team in the world.
So don't wait, start your high-speed adventure now!

About Kiss Ltd
Established in 2012, Kiss Ltd offers indie developers from the UK and around the world a 'Label' to publish their games on digital download stores such as Steam. Kiss provides all the contract and legal support; manages all tax issues; manages the catalogue; collects royalties and provides a full suite of marketing assistance. Most importantly, our development partners retain their IP rights.

About The Developer
Laudo Games Ltd is a young company created by a group of video games enthusiasts and motorsport fans, each with several years of games development experience. The company is UK based, but the staff come from across the EU.

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