Monday, 25 January 2016

Jack King-Spooner's new grungy, clay animation game "Dujanah"

Jack King-Spooner (see his interview for this site)  isn't afraid of tackling difficult or contentious subjects in his games, reveling in thoughtful exploration of matters most other game devs would probably shy away from.  His latest project, Dujanah, is certainly no exception.

Dujanah is a game/ interactive narrative about exploring difficult ideas and is set in a fictional Islamic majority country, very much inspired by the architecture and geometric patterns of Moroccan villages. It is a follow up to the game Beeswing, which was successfully Kickstarted, and Jack is similarly looking to crowd-fund his latest game.  

In terms of what the game looks set to offer, apart from an interesting plot, unique visual style and acoustic soundtrack, I find it best to let Jack talk about the game himself.  This is what he says:

I know it is a tricky topic and it's important to be mindful concerning the spirit in which something is done. My whole appeal with Dujanah is to fair play and looking at it as a human narrative, her reactions as a human, not as a Muslim. I'm not interested in maintaining the ideological and symbolic "otherness" that many media depictions exacerbate. As with all my games, I have spent time researching and talking with people relevant to the subject and I plan to continue to do so should the funding be successful. 

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign.

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