Sunday, 17 January 2016

Game Jolt Client -- an indie alternative to Steam

A Client to install games, keep them updated automatically, and use the whole Game Jolt platform without opening a browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Oh, yeah, and it's open source.

On our way to building an indie alternative to Steam, Game Jolt Client is not just a downloader app; it's the whole Game Jolt platform on your desktop. Browse, search, and find games. Chat with friends and receive notifications. Even upload files, manage games, and edit pages right in Client.


  • Install games with a click. Client does the downloading, extracting, and installing so you don’t have to.
  • One-click play. Once you've installed a game, just click Launch to play. That’s right, no more dealing with zip or rar files.
  • Auto updates. Client keeps your installed games up to date, so you'll always play the latest versions. Your game library syncs up with your Game Jolt account, so you can access your playlists and receive notifications, as well. Talk about a true friend.
  • Play offline. No longer will road trips or unpaid internet bills come between you and Game Jolt. Access your entire game library and play installed games without an internet connection.
  • HTML games. Quick play web based HTML/WebGL games inside Client, no browser needed.
  • The entire platform. Browse Game Jolt, find games, and chat with friends--all in Client. Developers can even upload files and manage their own games.
  • Open source. Wanna know what we’re putting on your desktop? Client is fully open source! But we didn’t stop there. The main now open source, as well! Any developers who want to understand how Game Jolt works and contribute to the site (and Client) can jump on the GitHub repository.

It keeps getting better. We're continually working on improvements based on community feedback. Automatic integration with our Game API (for achievements) is coming soon, as well as better tools for managing and sharing games.
About Game Jolt
Founded in 2008, Game Jolt is a place to host and play indie games. We're an open platform for gamers and developers who embrace creativity, collaboration, and fun. Come join us!

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