Monday, 25 January 2016

Arelite Core preview alpha is now available

Quebec City, Canada, Jan 20 2016 – Dragon Slumber releases public playable alpha build for Arelite Core, a windows JRPG coming to Steam later this year.  Play the alpha today at :

The disciples of the evil Talameq are seeking to restore their master to power. The fate of the world rests upon the shoulders of a few brave souls. Led by Karden, a master blacksmith from the mountains of Arreal, this team of heroes from around the world have come together to take a stand against this menace, and prevent the destruction of our world.

"I want to make sure Arelite Core is at its best once it releases later this year, which is why I'm gathering as much player feedback as they can provide," lead designer Kevin Giguere explained.

The downloadable preview lets players wander around the early portions of Arelite Core, discover the fully interactive world and master its combo driven battle system.

ARELITE CORE is planned for a fall 2016 release, but discover the excitement today by visiting


  • A story-driven game, no grinding required
  • Fully interactable environments with plenty of secrets to discover
  • Crisp high resolution graphics
  • Unique battle customization options for each character
  • Dynamic battles with combos, stunning and blitz special attacks
  • Mine ore to forge unique master weapons and armor
  • Over 25 unique SNES inspired music tracks


Founded in early 2013 to work on Arelite Core, Dragon Slumber is composed of a single member, Kevin Giguère, who fills in most of the roles necessary for proper game creation, from writing and design, to programming, to production and marketing. Further work such as visuals and music composition is done contractually.

Check out more details, screenshots and trailer in our previous post about Arelite Core.

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