Thursday, 24 December 2015

This Is How Koukoi Games Is Reinventing Runner Games, Soft Launching Crashing Season

Oulu, Finland: Koukoi Games, one of the most talked about Finnish game companies that just raised
$1M in investments, has just soft launched their first mobile game title Crashing Season. The game is free
to download from Google Play and is available in Canada and Australia for Android devi ces only. Crashing
Season is a super fun physics based 3D runner mobile game in which players control different kinds of
animal characters and try to survive for as long as possible while completing challenging sets of fun
missions in diverse game worlds, all the while crazed hunters and mean bosses try to hunt and knock them

The game’s story is very simplified but cleverly appealing. In Crashing Season evil hunters and their bosses
have destroyed the money vault of the animals in their quest for world dominance. The mission is simply to
collect all the coins back and try take over the world while beating all the vicious hunters and bosses on the
way. Pl ayers’ goal is to survive for as long as possible, complete challenge s for each animal character, fight
against relentless hunters and challenging bosses, collect coins to open up new exciting levels, and unlock
more characters with unique abilities. Playe rs can use boosts, power-ups and little helpers to spice things
up, while equipping their animal characters with fancy gear. They can also compete against other players in
global leaderboards, share their most memorable Crashing Season moments into social media and invite
friends into the game to be challenged on global leaderboards.

The studio strongly believes that with Crashing Season it can bring new, exciting and fun gameplay
mechanics into the running game genre. By creating a closed area runner game, Koukoi Games aims to
strongly evolve the genre by bringing new gameplay experience in the genre. The company states it wants
bravely try out new gameplay mechanics and ideas, and lead all developers to try out new things while the
level of competition ri ses. The studio also believes that the brand, Crashing Season, is very entertaining and
it will most surely bring new exciting opportunities for its future business.

Koukoi Games is a mobile game startup founded early in 2015 that focuses solely on producing mobile
games with high production value s and broad and enjoyable experiences. The mission of the team is to
develop mobile games that match the rising needs of players. Official release trailer video for soft launch
can be found from here: Crashing Season is available
for free in Canada and Australia, and it is downloadable from Google Play application store (Can and Aus
only): More information about
Crashing Season can be found from here:

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