Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Adventure-X 2015 Report

Unfortunately I couldn't make Adventure-X this year, but my mate Shaun Aitcheson of Cloak and Dagger Games was there and kindly agreed to do a write-up for me.

Saturday, December 12th saw AdventureX descend on London once more, for a weekend of point and click goodness. Unlike poor CaptainD, I was fortunate to be able to attend on Saturday (showing our demo of “Legend of Hand”), so here’s my rundown of some games which particularly caught my eye!

For me, the standout was the brilliant “The Slaughter” – a sensationally atmospheric Victorian murder mystery from Alex Francois. Within seconds I was transported into another time and place – a place with some distinct David Lynch vibes and it was all very exciting. Alex is planning to release the game in chapters, the first due out in the early stages of 2016. I can’t wait for this one!

Another game which really caught my eye was one I hadn’t seen before – “Reigns” by Nerial. I was handed an iPhone and for 10 seconds I had no idea what I was doing. After 11 seconds I was hooked. The game (which is designed for mobile devices) simulates a dynasty – you are presented with a screen where someone such as a military advisor or clergyman asks you (the King) if you agree to something happening, or disagree. You simply swipe left or right to say yes or no, and each decision adjusts various stats, with time progressing as you go along. I manage a nine year reign before succumbing to choking on something – I think a by-product of having too much food in my kingdom. It was very addictive and I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on the project.

Daniel Black of Big Cow Studios was on hand to show his delightful demo of “The Last Time”, a demo I had played before, but nonetheless enjoyed doing so again. A unique adventure where your decisions shape the gameplay, it’s what might happen if you combine modern Telltale style gameplay with traditional retro point and clicks – I’d recommend checking out the demo if you haven’t yet – Daniel is hoping to launch the game in early 2016.

A game I’ve had my eye on a long time, the risqué “Lancelot’s Hangover”, by Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt, was also on display. Another very unique title, this one certainly lives up to its tagline of Monty Python meets Monkey Island. I watched my friend play this one and it looked hilarious, but also very challenging, in a good way! Rumour has it a Kickstarter may be on the horizon, so do give Jean-Baptiste support if or when the time comes!

Fran Bow by Killmonday Games was present – and was as gorgeous as ever. This came out a month or two back, and if you haven’t played it, I’d recommend dropping everything and doing so now! Chris Burton of Icebox was there demoing his amazing Unity plugin “Adventure Creator” – a tool quite a few exhibitors in the room were using to make their games. It was fascinating to speak to him about it, a very familiar voice having listened to his YouTube tutorials many times myself! Yeppoh was demoing “Nefasto's Misadventure, which has come along nicely, and Sanctuary Interactive had a very sleek looking demo of their upcoming game “Latency”. Other big players such as CBE Software, Infamous Quests, Skygoblin, and the Nelly Cootalot team, were present, and despite not getting time to play their demos, they all looked great.

The quality of the games on display were amazing – the rebirth of the genre continues to flourish and it’s very exciting to be part of the movement. Stalwarts like Dave Gilbert and Fransisco Gonzalez were also present, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to see any of the talks. The fun continued into Sunday – alas due to prior commitments I was unable to attend – but all in all, Saturday was great. If you’re in London around this time next year, do pop in – you’ll be inspired!

I did miss Troll Song though!

Thanks Shaun for the write-up and once again thanks to Mark Lovegrove and Rebecca McCarthy for their hard work organising the event.  Also thanks to Tom Cole, without whom there would have been no venue!

Hope to be there next year...

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