Thursday, 1 October 2015

A Tofu Tail - a puzzle game about a man turned tofu by a deceptive fox spirit!

Dev Team Pulling Support to Launch Quirky Puzzle Game About Tofu
Pittsburgh, PA, USA [October 1, 2015] - Today at 6:00pm ET marks the launch of independent game studio alchemedium’s Kickstarter crowdfunding project and Steam Greenlight campaign to raise support and funds to finish their upcoming color-based maze puzzle game. They are looking to raise these funds to finalize production of the game and increase the availability and awareness of A Tofu Tail.

alchemedium’s A Tofu Tail Kickstarter campaign runs through November 3, 2015 10:00pm ET. If their funding goal of $10,000 is not met by the end of the campaign, none of the money will be collected. Those interested in supporting the indie game development team’s funding project and Steam Greenlight campaign should visit these links:

Kickstarter Link:
Steam Greenlight Link:

“We have been working on A Tofu Tail as a passion project for almost three years now,” says the studio’s co-founder Ryan Brolley, “Up until now, we have been producing everything from the soundtrack and aesthetic to the coding and design in our free time and out of our own pockets, but the costs are beginning to become too great for us to handle on our own. We need your help!”

A Tofu Tail is puzzle game about Mr. Tofu, a man turned to tofu by a deceptive Kitsune fox spirit. Gameplay involves moving the sentient tofu cube around a colored tile maze. Only tiles of the same color as Mr. Tofu may be traversed and - like tofu - he can absorb the properties of objects around him to change his color. Progression through the various realms of the foxes adds new puzzles and emergent challenges along the way. The game is scheduled to be released early next year for PC, Mac, and Linux for $10, with plans for additional platforms in the near future.

Doug Locke, another of the alchemedium co-founders, states: “We want more people to become aware of and play A Tofu Tail, a story and experience that we ourselves have come to love, and want others to experience as well. Our dream is to be able to continue creating more games and media with worlds and stories like this; raising these funds will let us take the next step in that direction”

alchemedium is a Pittsburgh-based independent game studio, who make it their mission to design gameplay focused heavily on the player's experience; to be engaging, easy to pick up, and immersive - even in small, short bursts of play. The team also wishes to weave an extensive lore base and universe from the storylines of their games, media, and other content.

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