Monday, 10 August 2015

Wanderlust Adventures to be released on August 13th, 2015

AUGUST 13th, 2015: Today, Yeti Trunk debuts its second title on Steam, "Wanderlust Adventures." "Wanderlust Adventures" is an online, free-roaming, open world, action adventure RPG. Join fellow heroes online, explore vast and deadly landscapes, and capture companions to aid you in your quest. Forge powerful items, salvage artifacts, and crush the souls of menacing foes!

"Wanderlust Adventures has been a true labor of love for the team. We have worked tirelessly to produce an immersive world for everyone to enjoy," says Jason Gordy of Yeti Trunk.

Yeti Trunk is a small, independent game studio intent on pushing the boundaries of what gamers expect from small development teams. Newly-formed in 2012 - and best known for the online action RPG "Wanderlust: Rebirth" - "Wanderlust Adventures" is their fourth published video game. For more information, please visit

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