Monday, 1 June 2015

The Mind Hero announced on Kickstarter

Dallas, TX - The Mind Hero is to be something completely new. In addition to being a puzzle/platform/dating sim in which you go into the minds of six girls and two adults to save them, you'll also learn important psychological concepts in the background of the story as you do, and these can be taken away from the game and applied to real life.

Colven, 17, visits the lab where his mother and grandfather work, knowing his mother has gone unconscious after taking an experimental antidepressant. As it turns out, it was actually suppressing negative feelings and making them more powerful, and in addiition to putting her and the other six girls who took it into a coma, there is a side effect that Colven can enter their minds simply by laying near them and focusing. 

He enters the mind of his mother, who is torn with grief about-- among other things-- the effect the antidepressant had on the other six girls. So to help free her from grief, Colven must go into their minds first to save all of them, which can be done in any order. He'll learn important things about psychology, have some fun, meet some danger, and gain some affection from the girls along the way.

Story scenes are done comic-book style, while another video is set to be released later highlighting more of the gameplay; but currently it shows some of the puzzle, platforming, and dating elements, including reflecting the beam from a giant eyeball monster towards a bell using the main character's throwable mirror blade.

Some of the psychological concepts, as first presented by the late famous psychoanalyst Erik Erikson, are outlined within the video on the Kickstarter at while more will be presented within the game itself.  These include concepts such as personality types originating from mental traumas endured within various stages of life-- knowledge that can be useful for many players, as well as helping them to understand and help others they know in real life.

About the developer: Josh "Psycrow" Cronkhite has over 10 years experience in developing games across multiple platforms, including one released on Steam called 16 Bit Arena, which received mostly positive reviews.  More information is seen on the Kickstarter page, as well as the website at
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