Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Eyes of Ara

"The Eyes of Ara is an immersive, fully 3D Puzzle-Based Adventure game, inspired by genre classics like Myst and modern exploration-based storytelling like Tomb Raider. A game full of devious puzzles and countless hidden secrets!"

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign page - personally I'm not really a fan of Myst-style games but if you are, this one looks like a it could be a beauty!

"The isolated old castle has remained abandoned for many years, and few but the most foolhardy ever approach its weathered walls. Yet odd and troubling events have started happening recently. A powerful radio signal has suddenly begun broadcasting from the topmost tower, and the locals have reported sightings of strange lights moving in the mist.

Years ago it was once the home of an odd and reclusive family, but they have not been seen or heard from in many years. With the sudden activity the townspeople begin to recall old tales of ghostly figures, violent storms, and vast swarms of eerie lights.

After years of silence something inside the castle has awoken, its identity and purpose unknown. It's up to you to venture inside and discover the truth!"

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