Friday, 5 June 2015

PVP tower defense game Coregrounds gets major update

BERLIN -- Jun 04, 2015 -- indie game developer nolife labs launched a huge update to Coregrounds. After it was publicly playable for the first time in March, the developer funneled the community feedback into a huge update including new HD graphics, a colorable client, new gameplay elements and a mean new AI. The full list of changes is available on the game blog:

“Coregrounds owes this huge update to its fans, who have been playing the game since March.” said Mario Kaiser, founder of nolife labs. “Their amazing feedback has not only rendered this update possible, but also made Coregrounds a better and much more beatiful game!"

Coregrounds is PVP tower defense done right: 2 players fight on 1 map using a unique arsenal of towers, minions and abilities. Improve your skills in this fast-paced and blissfully chaotic combat game and become the champion of the Coregrounds!

Coregrounds' features:

* Tower defense gameplay revisited: two players fight on one map
* Pick your towers, minions and abilities at the start of each match
* Earn coins for each match
* Unlock towers, minions, abilities and more with your coins
* Play casual or ranked mode and climb the leaderboards
* Improve your skill and widen your tactical horizon
* Complete dozens of achievements
* All content can be unlocked without spending a single penny
* Nothing can be pourchased directly - purchasable boosts only increase the coin gains for each match

ABOUT nolife labs
nolife labs UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is a tiny one man studio founded by Mario Kaiser for the development and distribution of Coregrounds, which is his first big indie game project. After a few pet projects, he thought it's time to go big and started saving money and designing the Coregrounds. After about a year of preparation, he started programming and working on Coregrounds full-time in mid 2014. Coregrounds is now in beta phase.
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