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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Dungeon Crawlers HD Launches on Steam (Ghostbusters inspired SRPG)

New York, June 01, 2015 –Drowning Monkeys announced it has officially launched its strategic SRPG, Dungeon Crawlers HD today on Steam, Indie Game Stand and itch. Dungeon Crawlers HD (DCHD) is a hysterical take on who the Ghostbusters would have been in the medieval times with action and gameplay inspired by some of the best Tactical RPGs. The game is available for $4.99 USD on Steam at:

The Steam version of the game has launched with five all-new maps which extend the playability of the game.  In addition, the game launches with VR support. While VR has traditionally been considered for use with first-person gaming experiences, utilizing VR with third-person games is a unique and exciting way to change the way the gaming community and developers perceive this technology. Using VR with Dungeon Crawlers HD is intended to reinforce the immersive experience and provide new perspectives by allowing players to get in close to the action or even view the field from an over-the-shoulder camera angle. Now players can feel like they are ON the game board, instead of just controlling it. With the option for VR, players will be able to have a more customized and entertaining experience by choosing how they want to play this game.

"Dungeon Crawlers HD is a simple, streamlined turn-based tactics game full of humor and combat. We like to say the game is 'Ghostbusters in a dungeon," said Josh Chudnovsky, CEO of Drowning Monkeys.  "We took a very careful and thoughtful approach to encounters in the game. We think that players will absolutely enjoy that we haven't focused on micro-management but instead focused on fun, with almost every line in the game being a pot shot at common fantasy tropes. And all of this is a great value at only $5.00."   

About Dungeon Crawlers HD:
Dungeon Crawlers HD (DCHD) is a hysterical take on who the Ghostbusters would have been in the medieval times with action and gameplay inspired by some of the best Tactical RPGs. DCHD is a smart, streamlined Turn-based RPG that is easily accessible for new players while offering a deadly challenge to hard-core veterans of this genre. DCHD has the combat to keep you captivated, the loot to satiate even the most covetous treasure addicts, and the laughs that will keep you coming back for more.

Key Features:
  • Fun, streamlined, turn-based gameplay
  • Hilarious story, it will keep you interested throughout!
  • Incredible visuals for a game of this scope
  • 6-8 Hours of core gameplay, and several hours of additional gameplay constantly added in the form of challenge maps.

Josh Chudnovsky, a long time video game and movie buff and stand-up comedian is the creator of DCHD. Chudnovsky put his heart into making a game that will not only speak to SRPG fans but will enchant anyone who love classic films and games as well. What makes Dungeon Crawlers HD so special is that this game is a celebration of the movies and video games we've grown up loving. Players will find themselves teaming up with familiar ghost bustin' personalities, cracking up at satirical banter, and even facing off against characters like the twisted D. Knight Shaymalan (or Death Knight Shaymalan) in a battle of repartee, swords, and magic. Whether your heroes are battling a slimy, green, ravenous ghost, or being trolled by The Goblin King who has stolen someone's princess and locked her in "another tower," this game keeps the puns, parodies, and jokes rolling as you battle your way through its treacherous dungeons.

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