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Monday, 1 June 2015

Demetrios - The BIG cynical adventure

Demetrios is a fresh take on the classic "Point & Click" adventure games, adding a touch of cynical humor to the characters motivations.

The game puts you in the shoes of Bjorn Thonen, an antique seller being robbed one night after coming back home drunk. Doing his own investigation with the help of Sandra, his next-door neighbor, he ends up involved in a mysterious and murky affair. But these two unlikely heroes may be able to surpass themselves and discover ancient secrets!

Demetrios is inspired by the Broken Sword adventure games, and features Full HD, hand-painted visuals and animated characters in first person view, similar to visual novels. You might also encounter a little pinch of Discworld (some of the humor), Gabriel Knight (comic cutscenes, characters heads/dialogs), Phoenix Wright (first person view investigation)...

(The bit I've highlighted below interests me most, though the game spiel had me at "Point & Click"! :-D)

It offers varied situations and puzzles, for beginners and experts alike, with a highly contextual level of interactivityTry different items combinations, the results might surprise you!

Planned release : Early 2016
Platforms : PC/Mac/Linux
Digital : DRM-Free on this site, Desura, GOG, Steam (if accepted)
Physical : A limited box DVD version is planned, sold directly on this site
Supported languages : English, French (possibly Spanish and German at the time of release)

More information and a playable demo are available at the Official Website.
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